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Extraordinary Workout Clothes

YMX activewear provides performance enhancing elements to all sports enthusiasts for an exceptional workout experience. The superior quality, comfort, and unique tattoo patterns are key ingredients of YMX's extraordinary performance and visual appeal. MadKool® high-tech fabrics increase the performance of athletes when engaged in heavy workouts and extreme sports. Another big advantage of MadKool® is that it keeps you dry throughout the toughest workouts because the moisture-wicking fabric dries super-fast. YMX's activewear apparel monitors your body heat to keep you warm in the cold, and cool in extreme heat. With superb MadKool® UV protection, you can challenge yourself in the most unwelcoming outdoor environments.

Customer's Reviews

I bought this hoodie for my yoga and workout adventures. I wanted to have a UV protective hoodie that would keep me warm but still light for my workouts. It's beautiful and it's the most comfortable hoodie I've ever owned. It is so soft and it feels like a second skin. Couldn't be better!

Amy Sanches, Los Angeles, CA

Love their yoga clothes love the colors. I purchased a few for my yoga but I am using them for all my workouts. Just started Parkour recently and it really helps to have a light weight and warm t-shirt. The sweat dries out very quickly and I can go through crazy workouts with ease.

Sasha Kander, New York, NY

One of a kind workout t-shirt! YMX workout clothes are amazing, and this is just another great comfortable t-shirt that I can wear at the gym and on the road. My workout clothes have never been so pretty. I use this top especially for running, and it never let's me down. It snugs to my body and it feels like million dollar workout!

Sara Lutec, Houston, TX

Great t-shirt for cycling. I like the back pockets to carry small things and the way the t-shirt adapts to my body really works. I am and extreme cycling practitioner and love YMX. Their cyclying clothes are always top notch!

Jessica Walters, New York, NY


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